The Little Math curriculum content

The course is made up of number lessons (including quantity and numerals), and math lessons (equations).

Each lesson file adheres to BrillKids standards, and comes with 3 professionally recorded voices, and vibrant, high-resolution shapes and icons for teaching quantity.



The Little Math English Curriculum is available only in written and recorded US English.

The full 12-month course (Semester 1+2) covers the following subjects:

Quantity lessons up to 100

Numeral lessons up to 100

Counting forward

Counting backward

Quantity recognition
(random icon placement)

Skip counting
(grid icon placement)

Random quantities and numerals
(within a range)

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Simple equation lessons introducing
one number at a time

Advanced equation lessons
involving any number up to 100

Progression from two-step
up to five-step equations

Equations involving mixed operations
Review lessons every Friday

The Little Math Learning System enables you to teach quantity recognition (using random icon placement) at the time when your child is most receptive - before the age of two and a half. For older children, all lessons can be set to grid icon placement mode. This enables quantity appreciation through skip counting.

Babies and young children adore Little Math's fun, customizable icons - with everything from shapes to animals to cartoon characters. You will have unlimited access to new icons via the BrillKids Forum. Every lesson is exciting with personalized icons designed to appeal to your child!