What your baby will learn

Your child will LEARN NUMERALS:


Introduce math to your child gently, starting with the concept of quantity. With colorful lessons pronounced with professionally recorded voices, the system will teach quantities from 0 to 100, making use of the natural right-brain ability of young children to instantly distinguish between large quantities ("subitizing").


Once familiarized with the concept of quantities and what they are called, your child will proceed to learn the written representation of those numbers. By associating numerals with quantities, numerals will no longer be meaningless characters, but will be understood more meaningfully. This method of understanding numerals paves the way for a much deeper understanding of math.


Children also learn the basic principles of arithmetic through number pattern sequences, such as even/odd numbers, multiples, and even unique sequences such as prime numbers.

Your child will LEARN MATH:


Teach addition, subtraction, multiplication and division! Beginning with short equations using low numbers, your child will easily and intuitively learn how each operation works.


Progress to advanced math with extended equations (such as 1 + 3 + 5 = 9) and mixed equations (such as 3 x 2 - 1 = 5).


Let your child learn multiplication tables through true understanding rather than rote memorization.

Your child will develop a LOVE OF MATH.

Transform math from a daunting subject into an enjoyable one! By teaching your child in her early years, she will learn math naturally and intuitively. Your baby will not only find mathematics fun, she will never fear it!