Understanding the curriculum

The Little Math Learning System comes with a parent-tested and educator-approved early mathematics curriculum, giving you a day-to-day guide for teaching your baby! The curriculum includes subjects you can teach for each day, so you'll never be lost when it comes to your baby's education!

Comprehensive in its scope and design, our curriculum will guide your child in a systematic and progressive fashion: from quantity recognition to basic operations, familiarization with the written numerals and equations!

Curriculum duration (course length)

The Little Math Curriculum extends over a 12-month period, split into two 6-month Semesters. On purchase, you will have a choice between getting Semester 1 only (6 months' worth of lesson content) or getting Semester 1+2 which has the full 12-month curriculum content.

Lesson frequency

The curriculum is designed to be shown once or twice a day, and on weekdays in case it is not convenient to teach on weekends.

What's in a session?

Each Little Math session is made up of these different lesson segments:

Quantity lessons

By teaching your child quantity, you can enable her to understand the reality of numbers (instead of just the symbols - 1, 2, etc - that represent them). This in turn will give your child a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts!


You can also use Little Math's powerful features to teach your child mathematical equations! Little Math enables you to use icons, the numeric symbol of the number and the written word with your equations, and depending on your child's level of learning, you may begin with simple two step equations, and advance to using up to 5 integers for the equation!


Little Math also supports teaching math using the written numerals, so your child can familiarize with the written representations of the number quantities!

Lesson duration

Each session requires only 5-10 minutes, depending on how much time you take to interact with your child during the multisensory lessons. After the scheduled lessons, you may also choose to keep going as long as your child is interested. The time after a session is a good opportunity to show icons or repeat lessons that particularly interest your child.

Media files and content

Each number and operation file adheres to BrillKids standards, and comes with 3 professionally recorded voices and you have the full use of 7 interesting icon sets (icons which illustrate quantity.)